TRAC's Innovative Welfare Solutions

TRAC Engineering recognise that providing adequate welfare facilities can be tricky when working on the rail.  Often these have to be located a distance away from the worksite, requiring us to provide personnel carriers and operators to take site based staff to and from toilets etc. This means additional planning requirements and associated costs.  We are aware that this is a challenge that our clients also face whilst ensuring statutory duties are met.
To counter this, TRAC have developed two innovative solutions:

Ensuring welfare on track, the use of either solution allows TRAC and clients to:

  • Contain all welfare provision at point of use with no impact on the environment.
  • Prevent the need to congest access points.
  • Stops staff from having to walk long distances back to access points for provisions.
  • Double up the welfare with mode of transport  to site.
  • Provide an additional source of light on site, often replacing the need to use diesel generators for other site lighting.