Weed Control

As the temperatures rise, as do the weeds on the rail network, we have the solution.

Our Valtra Road Railed Tractor with Weedsprayer is able to spray herbicide on all areas of the rail infrastructure if required, if not we can spray either the Cess or Track Bed individually.

Controlled within the cab of the tractor, the Radi Arcs can be turned off an on at the flick of a switch.

Having the flexibility to on and off track where required.

Grapple Saw Attachment

We have recently taken delivery of our first Grapple Saw Attachment.

We are in the process of fitting, testing and training on our newest attachment, it will be working on our Road Railed Lorry with 14metre Reach Crane.

The GMT050 Grapple Saw has the capacity to cut up to 500mm diameter of tree and will reduce the need for traditional tree climbing.

Coming to a railway near you soon!

Our commitment to the real living wage

TRAC Engineering has been accredited as a Living Wage Employer. Our Living Wage commitment will see everyone receive a minimum hourly wage of £9.00 which is higher than the government minimum for over 25s, which currently stands at £8.21 per hour.

  • In Scotland, nearly a fifth of all jobs (18%) pay less than the real Living Wage – around 404,000 jobs. 
  • In the North of England, nearly a quarter of all jobs (23%) pay less than the real Living Wage – around 222,000 jobs in the North East and 634,000 in the North West. 

Despite this, we have committed to pay the real Living Wage and deliver a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work. 

The real Living Wage is the only rate calculated according to the costs of living. It provides a voluntary benchmark for employers who wish to ensure their staff earn a wage they can live on, not just the government minimum. Since 2011 the Living Wage movement has delivered a pay rise to over 160,000 people and put over £800m extra into the pockets of low paid workers. 

One of TRAC’s aims is to provide a desirable place to work, where personnel feel valued and supported in their roles.  Paying a living wage helps support this goal. 

Katherine Chapman, Director, Living Wage Foundation said: “We’re delighted that TRAC Engineering has joined the movement of over 5,000 responsible employers across the UK who voluntarily commit to go further than the government minimum to make sure all their staff earn enough to live on.” 

“They join thousands of small businesses, as well as household names such as IKEA, Heathrow Airport, Barclays, Chelsea and Everton Football Clubs and many more. These businesses recognise that paying the real Living Wage is the mark of a responsible employer and they, like TRAC Engineering, believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.” 

RAM Tracking Q&A with TRAC Engineering

RAM Tracking are a telematics company who specialise in vehicle tracking devices and software for business vehicles. RAM tracking’s innovation is fuelled by their customers so it’s vital to them to build and maintain a good relationship with their customers throughout their contracts – not just at the point of sale. Here, they spoke with one of their clients Isabel Doyle, Purchasing Co Ordinator at TRAC Engineering, a leading supplier of infrastructure engineering services (and valued customer to RAM Tracking), to gain a deeper insight into their experience with RAM Tracking’s products and services.
RAM Tracking: “What are the main ways in which RAM Tracking helped your business?”
Isabel: “RAM Tracking’s vehicle trackers have certainly increased our visibility over our entire fleet, as well as helping us to save time and headaches with the software’s easy to use reports. The installation of trackers has certainly boosted our efficiency by helping us to plan more efficient routing which in turn, has saved us money on fuel bills. Vehicle Tracking is essential for our business and I’m confident that RAM Tracking will continue to help us save both time and money in the long run especially as our business continues to expand.”
RAM Tracking: “What type of vehicles do you have in your fleet and have you seen a difference in driver behaviour since having the trackers installed?”
Isabel: “We have a fleet consisting of 55 vans and 77 rail plant machines all of which are tracked. Since having the trackers installed we have seen less personal use amongst our van drivers, as well as drivers adopting safer driving habits as they know that with the tracker installed, we can monitor dangerous driving indicators such as speeding, harsh brakes and harsh accelerations.”
RAM Tracking: “Do you use the RAM Tracking App and if so what features stand out to you?”
Isabel: “Yes we do use the RAM Tracking app and find it especially useful on a weekend when we are not in the office, but our fleet is still on the road. That way if there are any out of hours emergencies we can quickly locate our vehicles. Having an instant way to track our vehicles at any time with great visibility are the features that stood out to us most when we first downloaded the app. It’s also extremely easy to use!
RAM Tracking: “What made you pick RAM Tracking to be your vehicle tracking provider?”
Isabel: “We were in the process of switching providers at the time and RAM Tracking stood out to us above competitors with it’s easy to use software and innovative features. We now experience greater visibility and a better reporting style than previous suppliers. Also, the customer service was very good from the outset – everyone is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.”
RAM Tracking: “Are there any features of the RAM Tracking system that you didn’t originally think you would use but are now using it?”
Isabel: “Yes, the feature we’ve recently starting using is the report to monitor the cost and fuel of the vehicles, as well as the report that shows us how many hours the drivers have worked. These features save us both time and money as they allow us to calculate accurate costs for every job. That way, we can then see how much fuel was used per job and give us an insight into how we can reduce unnecessary costs.”
RAM Tracking: “If you could describe RAM Tracking in three words what would they be?”
Isabel: “Professional, helpful and accessible.”

Great Western Route Electrification project.

TRAC Engineering have been assisting Network Rail install new electric wires as part of the Great Western Route Electrification project.
This will enable the new electric trains to run along this route. TRAC have been utilising our new, innovative TESMEC to install the electric wires, the first of its type in the UK.

The innovative design allows installation of High Voltage Conductors in a single shift, where previously this would have taken several shifts.